About Fleet Data Insight

Who we are, what we do and how we support the people who manage vehicle fleets

Best practice in how to use data to manage vehicle fleets


The Challenge

The volume of fleet data is growing fast. The challenge for people who manage vehicles is to turn this firehose of data into actionable insight.

Our Response

We are building a community, bringing together fleet industry thought leaders and practitioners to identify and share best practice


Our goal is to develop proven shortcuts to improved fleet performance using data. We call the ideas #fleethacks

Vision | Mission | Values


  • We are developing a global community of best practice in using data to improve vehicle fleet performance
  • Our community will become the go-to resource for people with fleet data questions or with great stories to share about what they have achieved
  • Members of our community will be active in developing and sharing fleet data insights to ensure that the greatest possible number of fleets achieve the benefits of best practice
  • As a direct result of our engagement in this community, our fleets will be safer, more sustainable and evidently better against every measure of fleet performance
  • This will always be a community of mutual support and respect where hard-earned experience and knowledge are shared freely and generously

What have we achieved so far?

  • In early 2014 we assembled a working party of industry thought leaders
  • Forum members met for the first time at the end of September 2014
  • Our first guide to best practice was published in January 2015
  • The date of our next forum meeting has been set for 30 June 2015
  • Significant fleet managers have committed their support
  • A range of leading global brands are becoming engaged
  • We are about to launch our online community: FleetGeeks

Who pays for Fleet Data Insight?

Fleet Managers & Operators

  • We want to make it as easy as possible for fleet managers and operators to join our community, to share their fleet data insights and to find help
  • We believe that the result of easy access to the community will be faster learning that delivers better fleet performance
  • One key implication of this policy is that we don’t charge people for membership or access to our resources

Partners & Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors provide the resources that enable this community to develop faster and more effectively.
We review the value to the community of each partner against three key criteria:
  • Contribution to leadership, delivery of goals and the quality of discussion
  • Social media engagement in extending the reach and amplification of our conversations
  • Level of financial support

What's in it for Partners & Sponsors?

Partners and sponsors are able to:

  • Engage with this community to learn about current issues, challenges and opportunities in fleet data
  • Contribute to the development of thought leadership
  • Learn from the insights of this community
One thing that partners DON’T get is the opportunity to sell directly to community members within the community discussions!

Current Fleet Data Insight Partners & Members

Founding Partner – TomTom Telematics

As a market leader in providing data to fleet managers, TomTom are keen to help fleet operators to identify and share best practice in actually using this data to improve fleet performance.

Partner – Zurich

At Zurich we are always eager to help customers understand and mitigate their fleet risks. The effective use of data, whether this is from claims, risk assessments or driver behaviour telemetry, can, when used appropriately, provide insights that will help any organisation to drive management and/or behavioural change to improve their Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Risk.

Partner – Van Excellence

The Van Excellence initiative from the FTA is all about raising standards by sharing best practice. The Fleet Data Insight Forum will help operators to manage their fleets more effectively and to gain real insight from the huge amount of available data.

Partner – Energy Saving Trust

Energy Saving Trust is the number one organisation helping householders, governments, businesses and organisations save energy every day. EST is committed to helping fleets to use data to run more efficiently.


Partner – Real World Strategy

For over 30 years, Real World Strategy has helped clients to co-create greater value with their customers. Our role in the Fleet Data Insight Forum is to bring vision, strategy, genuinely independent leadership and effective project management.


Fleet Data Insight Forum Members

Thanks very much to all of the the operators and industry leaders who are investing their time and sharing their experience, including…