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  • The most important members of our community are the people who run fleets of vehicles
  • This includes roles like Fleet Managers, Transport Managers, Operations and Finance Directors and all of the colleagues who support these people in a wide range of functions
  • If you play a part in running a fleet of vehicles, you will be most welcome. Please request your invitation!
  • We also welcome people from businesses and organisations who support the people who run vehicle fleets
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  • Ask us your questions about your current fleet data challenges and opportunities
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  • Our goal is to help YOU to use data to run YOUR fleet more effectively

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  • We are really interested in your experience of using data to manage fleets of vehicles more effectively
  • What have you tried that worked well?
  • Can you save somebody time by telling us what didn’t work for you?
  • What can you share with other fleets that might improve road safety for your drivers?


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