Information for Partners & Sponsors

Fleet Data Insight is supported financially by the industry for the industry


This means that all resources are free to community members

Easy access to best practice

By making it easy for people who manage vehicles to take part as community members, we will identify and share best practice faster and more effectively

Invitation to Partners & Sponsors

It’s early 2016 and we are now seeking a small number of industry partners and sponsors to provide the resources that this unique community needs for success. Keep scrolling for more information. Thanks!

Thanks to our founding partner!

We’re grateful to our founding partner TomTom Telematics for their vision and investment that has enabled us to prove the value of this new community of practice

Summary Prospectus for Potential Partners & Sponsors

  • Vision for a global community of best practice with fleet data
  • Small number of key partners will shape strategy and implementation
  • These key partners will each have the credibility and resources to contribute their specific expertise and connect their network with our community
  • Partners will enable us to extend our social media reach
  • Partners will contribute a share of the funding that will enable the community to have required resources
  • This is a unique opportunity for these partners to support the development of genuine thought leadership
  • Initial partners will be in place during Q1 2016
  • Additionally, individual events and activities will be supported financially by relevant sponsors

If your brand might be able to support this valuable initiative it will be great to hear from you

Initial Briefing For Potential Partners & Sponsors

The Story So Far…

  • The vision for this community came from Founding Partner, TomTom Telematics
  • As a platform company focused on co-creating value through their partner ecosystem, TomTom have a particular interest in the importance of fleet data
  • TomTom commissioned Real World Strategy to develop these ideas, to bring independent leadership to the initiative and to make it all happen
  • We assembled an industry working party and made plans
  • The first meeting of the Fleet Data Insight Forum took place in late September 2014
  • The first guide to best practice was published in January 2015 and the second guide became available in the Autumn of 2015
  • For further information please contact Peter Button of Real World Strategy


  • We need resources to achieve our vision and mission
  • Our online community needs professional management and support
  • It will take time to engage with social media to spread best practice
  • We’re looking for a small number of global brands who will support this community as partners or sponsors
  • This is a unique opportunity to enable the development of genuine thought leadership in the fleet industry

Could you be a partner or sponsor?

How will funding be used?

  • The Fleet Data Insight community needs professional leadership, project management and administration
  • Websites need to be maintained and developed
  • Our online community needs professional management and support
  • It will take time to engage with social media to spread best practice
  • We will bring community members together at events
  • Guides to best practice will be professionally designed with high quality video to maximise impact
  • We need analysis and reporting of the growth and effectiveness of the community
  • It will all take time and therefore money

How will partners achieve ROI?

Partners and sponsors will:

  • Engage with our community to learn about current issues, challenges and opportunities in fleet data
  • Reinforce their brand values with evident contribution to the development of thought leadership
  • Learn from the insights of this community
  • Be strongly associated with our high quality social media and digital marketing content

One thing that partners DON’T get is the opportunity to sell directly to community members within our community discussions!